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Reigate 2021
Reigate 2021

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Reigate 2021
Reigate 2021

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The street is always out there; anyone can go out and take a picture. But how does it become a street photograph? How does it become art? What is the value of a street photograph? 



Join me for a street photography Walk and Talk in London, where we will try to answer these questions.

​During this one day workshop you will:


  • ​learn about street photography and its sub-genres 

  • learn what to look for in the street and to make your street photo unique 

  • get a critique of your images 

  • meet new people​

To register for the workshop, please use the registration form at the end of this page

Why me?


I am an international award-winning photographer (see About to learn more about me). Street photography is my special passion. Over the last few years, I have learned a lot of ideas about the value of this art that I would love to share with you.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for photography lovers of all levels of experience, who are interested to learn more about street photography. We will not be talking about technical aspects of the photographic equipment, e.g. shutter speed, ISO, etc. So you are expected to know how to use your camera, that is all. Of course, we will be sharing useful tips and friendly advice is guaranteed. 


How much does it cost?


£30 for 8 hours workshop (see "How to pay" section). During the day we may need to travel around London by public transport. Also, the opening and closing discussions (see program below) will be in a café. The cost of the workshop does not include your travel expenses or drinks/food. 



The next workshop dates are:

  • 11 July 2021 (backup date - 18 July 2021)

  • 19 September 2021 (backup date - 26 September 2021)

Backup dates: the workshop will be moved to this date if the weather on the main date is too awful for outdoor activity. Please add both dates to your calendar. 

Please specify the date in the registration form.


Before the day


After registering for the workshop and sending the payment you will be added to a WhatsApp group to discuss dates/locations. 

To get the most from the workshop, you will be asked to send 5-10 of your photos in the street photography genre to Kirill before the meeting. At the beginning of the workshop, we will discuss the participants' photos. The purpose of this exercise is to start the discussion about this genre and the techniques used. Photos will be discussed anonymously, where possible (i.e. the number of participants is sufficient). No problem if you do not have suitable images or do not want to share your works. However, you are strongly encouraged to share, as getting feedback on your images is one of the most efficient ways to improve your photography. 

Photos can be sent via WhatsApp, email, WeTransfer or any other way (please confirm with Kirill). Recommended resolution is 1000px on the longer side. You can keep any watermarks if you wish to. Images will be used for the sole purpose of the workshop and deleted afterwards. 


On the day 

We will meet on the day at 12.00 at a cafe/restaurant in the area where the street walk will be conducted. After an introduction, we will talk about street photography and discuss the images of participants that were sent before the meeting. The opening talk is planned to last for 1-2 hours, depending on the number of participants. 


After that, we will head to the street to take actual photos. We will keep together in the area, but everybody is free to fly solo if they wish to. We may travel by public transport to chase the light or in search of interesting characters. Key locations along the route will be sent in the group chat, if necessary. 

At around 18.00 we will reconvene in another cafe/restaurant to discuss the day. We will have time to scan through the photos taken and to share the best ones with the group. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and get feedback. 

The workshop requires flexibility and you should allow for alternatives. If the weather is not suitable for a street walk, it will be moved to a backup date - please keep both dates free. 


What to bring?


  • Any camera you want to use. The recommendation is something lightweight and inconspicuous. The most inconspicuous would be a mobile phone, of course, or a compact camera, but if you are taking a DSLR then you may wish to use a standard 24-85 mm zoom. Telephoto can be used in some situations, if it is not bulky you are happy to carry it. 600 mm lenses are certainly not needed. 

  • Spare memory cards, batteries, cables, a charger and a power bank if needed. 

  • Comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate plain clothes.

  • Anything you would normally take on a day walk in London

How to pay?

Once your registration confirmed, you will be invited to send the payment via either PayPal or bank transfer (please choose the preferred method during registration).


Payment is non-refundable.


Any questions? Simply email to 

Other terms and conditions

Kirill Nikitin reserves the right to cancel any workshop. Should an alteration or cancellation become necessary, you will have the choice of accepting the change, taking an alternative workshop, or accepting a refund of all monies paid to Kirill Nikitin.

If you have any special dietary or other requests you should inform us during the registration. We will make our best to meet your requirements, but we cannot guarantee that such requests will be met and will have no liability to you if such requests are not met. 

By booking a workshop with Kirill Nikitin, the client acknowledges that there is always an element of risk associated with any outdoor workshop. The client at the time of making the booking accepts that they are fit to travel and are completely aware of any risks associated with city locations and weather.

Kirill Nikitin does not accept liability or responsibility for death, bodily injury or illness caused to any clients, as well as loss or damage to photographic equipment or other personal belongings. 



To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.